Daily/Hour Rates

  • Full Day Rate: Include up to 8 hours of working, pulling, styling, shopping, and prepping for any project at hand.

  • Half Day Rate: Includes up to 4 hours of working, pulling, shopping, and prepping for any project at hand.

  • Hourly Rate: Includes up to an hour of working, pulling, shopping, styling and prepping for any project at hand.



Wardrobe Rates

  • Exclusive Styling: This session is for those who want custom made designs that will never be re-used or re-purposed for other shoots.This session does not include purchase of the items, it simply guarantees that you will be the only model ever photographed in them. 

  • Complete Look Styling: includes 1 Look (Clothing and All Accessories including Jewelry, Hats, Leg Wear, etc.)

  • Virtual Styling: This session is for those who may not be able to meet face to face but need styling advice. Session provides client with concepts, ideas, pictures, and advice on the best places to shop.

  • Personal Shopping: Includes accompaniment with wardrobe shopping. Feel like royalty by having your own personal stylist on hand to pick out the right outfits for you! 

  • Wardrobe Shoots: 3 Looks of complete styling. The clothes will be rented/bought for the purpose of the shoot ONLY.


  • Costume Design: Providing wardrobe for an entire cast of a musical, play, or film production. This does not include the budget for the clothing/ shopping process.

  • Image Consultation: Includes body-type evaluation, discussion of personal style, tips for maximizing your wardrobe, overview of the right clothing to wear for your individual body type, and discussion of personal wardrobe with sample outfit selections, concepts and pictures. I will review your closet and your current pieces, what you like to wear and are comfortable with, what you want to hide or are self conscious about  and what you feel is your best feature. 

  • Closet Revamp Consultation: Together, we’ll organize your closet and dressing area to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Are there pieces that need tailoring? Or maybe items you can donate? Items which no longer suit your body, lifestyle, and personal sense of style are released.

  • Virtual Consultation: Offering the image consulting virtually for those unable to meet.

Consulting Rates